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Anne Gribbons

November 21 - 22, 2015 @ 9am ~ 5pm

ANNE GRIBBONS is returning to Shannondale for our continuing education! If you missed her last time, you really should try to audit. Her experience and expertise is so practically valuable! Its obvious she has trained hundreds of horses... she gets their personalities the minute the enter the ring. She gives riders useful work to strengthen their progress and keeps it light and fun for everyone.

Anne is the former technical coach for our Olympic team, she's trained several Olympic mounts, and is responsible for the solid development of student, Laura Graves (our recent top dressage star in the US), among others. She is instrumental in forming the success of US dressage in the past 40 years. For those trying to learn the full picture of dressage, she's the real deal.

Audit $50/day, $25 half day.

Riders: Julie Shannon, Karen Lipp, Christi Meyers, Jessican Beier, Carol Phillips, Pam Hara, Leanna Dick, Phyllis Sumner, Jill Turner Williams


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