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USDF Adult Clinic w/Kathy Connolly and Betsy Steiner

September 10 - 11, 2016 We missed Kathy Connolly immensely, but Betsy Steiner instructed riders and auditors with ease using exercises and common solutions used by both instructors in their regular training. Each horse/rider combination came in with issues differing from the one before and Betsy gave clear solutions using rider position, timing of the aids, and steadiness of the gaits to improve them all. Jane Hart donated a necklace raffled off amongst the guests and Betsy drew Wendy Limerick's name for the prize.

"The dressage mind is 'thats not god enough, not good enough, not good enough' and when your horse reads that in your emotions, he also thinks its not good enough and the frustration prevents the ride you want- BETSY STEINER


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