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Summer stays busy at Shannondale

In June, Jeremy Steinberg taught a group of talented GDCTA riders and young horses from training level on up to schooling grand prix. Every horse, under age 9, no matter what level, was brought back to basic obedience, throughness, and balance. Riders were coached on clear aids, preparation, and creative thinking with transitions to encourage these basics.

In July, Anne Gribbons brought her expertise to Shannondale arena for Georgia Dressage and CT Association. Amidst a varied group of horses, Anne hit the achilles' heel of every combination as they entered the ring. She methodically repaired problems with a series of exercises for each horse and rider; focusing on correct connection, rider equitation, and use of the horse's hind end to improve gaits.

This weekend, we have another Shannondale Summer Series schooling show! Classical and Western Dressage classes are mixed throughout the day. Great Judging by Erin McCloud, Julie Cochran, and Leslie Olsen! Such a fun group of competitors, enjoying a day out with friends and horses, showing great sportsmanship.

Education never ends! But we"re making the most of it this summer...

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