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APRIL 7/8,2018 Trainers Collaborative Symposium

Mark your calendars! ANNE GRIBBONS, JEREMY STEINBERG, and CHRIS HICKEY will be leading the Symposium on Solutions in Dressage Training through Grand Prix. 10 professionals rider/horse combinations will be selected to present their chosen level. Along with the lead instructors, a 3 rider panel will ask/answer questions of the participating audience. The program is designed to build collaboration with others regarding training issues we all have when developing dressage horses. In bringing together great training minds, with established methods, we will share and explore various solutions. The format will have no direct critique of one's riding style, but is designed to strategize as a group to achieve the best result. Questions will be asked and explored in theory and use. This Symposium is USDF University Acceredited and sponsored by GDCTA and The Dressage Foundation. Hope to see you attend!

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