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DECEMBER 12-13 2020

Laura Graves will return to Shannondale Farm, graciously hosted by GDCTA, as their final clinic for 2020. Auditing and RIder spots are full. Please watch GDCTA social media for updates!!

TRAINERS SYMPOSIUM w/ Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl

NOVEMBER 2/3, 2019


Hosted by GDCTA at Shannondale Farm, USEF Elite Training Center, Milton, GA.

Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl, guide the discussion amongst Rider-Trainers Panel and General Audience regarding Training Solutions for each horse rider combination presented.

12 Professional Riders with horses selected to present with 2 in each riding session of similar level training. The lead instructors will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the combination, ask questions of the rider, and allow for the Instructor Panel (fellow riders) to voice their opinions on possible solutions or exercises to improve the issues. All solutions will follow the training scale, but emphasize the creative options we have when working with horses. Teamwork makes the dream work. The format is designed to create constructive criticism and solutions among a group of professionals to improve overall dressage training and lead us to better understanding of possible solutions.  With audience participation, professionals can educate those that need experience and knowledge about dressage training in an applicable setting.

Participating Auditors $75/day including lunch or $45 half day. 

USDF University Accredited.

Riders list: Laura Abner, Shannon O'Hatnick, Olivia Reese, Cassidy Nutter, Chelsea Akavickas, Jamie Comstock, Laura Termini-Sevriens, Julie Cochran, Marjolein Geven, Karen Lipp, Julie Shannon.


JEREMY STEINBERG Dressage Clinic June 27/28, 2020

JUNE 27/28, 2020

Jeremy Steinberg has an extensive education in dressage beginning at age 15 working for Dietrich Von Hopffgarten and trained with notable Germans such as Klaus Balkenhol, Herbert Rehbein, Guenter Seidel, and Martina Hannover.  With such a deep resume', He has a successful training/coaching business in San Diego and is the former USEF Jr/YR Coach. No matter what your level of dressage knowledge, you can learn from his training. He communicates to riders in perfect timing and simply has the best use of language regarding the horse and rider as a combination that I have ever witnessed. 

Rides $300/each Auditing: $40/day, $25/half day

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